One thing that I really wanted to include in this film is the harvest. Ideally I would have been able to film the harvest in several countries, but this is a documentary, not a big-budget feature film (even though it will look like one). Ethiopia was out of the question since my wife and I had a beautiful baby girl right during harvest season in Ethiopia. (Nov-Jan) So here we are in Kigali, Rwanda. And what I’ve learned is that you can’t talk about harvest without talking about Green Coffee Buyers. Every respectable coffee company has a green coffee buyer that travels the world 100 or so days a year, even the non-respectable ones do as well for that fact. Green coffee buyers are pretty special people. They don’t always buy coffee like this guy ( but they do travel for almost 30 hours to Africa from the states on small planes and eat ice cream sandwiches for dinner ( that’s what we were served on our flight… Thank You, United Airlines)

The green buyer is a key difference in the quality of coffee that you are drinking right now. They are there on the ground with the farmers and at the wet mills cupping the coffee, deciding what tastes best for your morning cup. So when your at home getting ready to grind that fresh cup, pour a little out for your green buyer. Today I’ll pour some out for the guys that we enjoyed a few beers with: Darrin Daniel from Stumptown Coffee, Owen Thompson from Sweet Maria’s and Morten Wennersgaard from Nordic Approach.

Also a huge thanks to Matt Smith from the Rwanda Trading Company for making everything happen so smoothly.