Film-making is about having something to say…

Film-making is about having something to say- something that can only be said in a film and not a short story, or a play, or a novel. ~Woody Allen

It’s been a while since the blog has been updated – but there has been a great deal of progress on the film. When your taking on a subject like coffee, you could focus in on a number of different topics, whether it’s the taste, the chemical reaction, the history, the beauty, or the injustice. You could say that coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world ( Oliver Strand would say your wrong…, you could say “Baristas must be sexy” as Katsu Tanaka so eloquently said during our time together in Tokyo, and you could say that people are making a very large deal out of something as simple as coffee. What you can’t say is that coffee is not important, and you can’t say that people don’t care about coffee.


A Film About Coffee is just what it says in the title – a film about coffee, a film that is exploring the topic of coffee as a whole, as I see it. It’s my perspective, told by people that are trustworthy and people that have been working with coffee for some time now.

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