Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has become my favorite city. The fashion, the food, the people, and the incredibly intriguing coffee scene. Unless your really in to coffee you probably don’t know that a lot of the tools cafes are using come straight from Japan.  The Hario V-60, the Buono kettle the Syphon, the Woodneck Nel Drip, or the Kalita Wave all of the beautifully executed tools originate from the Land of the Rising Sun. In Tokyo, there are these secretive cafes tucked away in alleys behind shadows of skyscrapers where you can enjoy a cigarette, the daily paper and a very well executed drip coffee served in a porcelain tea cup. In “A film about coffee”  we will explore these cafes called ‘Kissaten’ and see how they may have influenced coffee culture around the world and how the scene in Tokyo is starting to reflect the coffee scene that you would find in other parts of the world.

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