Paper Edit.

70 hours of footage, 25 Locations, and 34 Interviews: we’ve got a lot of work to do.  We’ve broken it down into categories, and broken it down even further into sub-categories and we’ve crafted an incredible film, on paper index cards at least. Now the fun is translating this into a reality of 80 minutes (ish) of film that captivates, educates and inspires an audience to give speciality coffee a chance. Carter Gunn has joined the team as the full-time editor, his 2010 film Colony can be found here. We’ve hunkered down into a nice cozy space at the Avocados & Coconuts studio where we get lots of light and take regular coffee breaks to catch up on gossip and the latest GOOP recipes. A special thanks to Benjamin Paz Muñoz for stoping by all the way from Honduras to help us out with our Honduran farmer interviews and our Spanish slang.

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