August 2014


Curator Magazine Conversation

“Brandon Loper’s documentary is exactly what it sounds like: a documentary about the production, creation, and preparation of specialized coffee. But the film is much more than the ubiquitous title describes.”   “The aesthetics of the film are merit-worthy: camera angles …

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Cool Hunting Interview

  “The film is a conversation starter. And I was adamant about coffee being poured before the screening; pour-over, slow drip, espresso but not batch coffee. The movie talks about the craft of coffee and that’s what you get to …

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Coffee In The Rockies

We had such a great night in Denver at the end of June and have been busy screening in LA, New York and Boston since our visit to The Mayan, with upcoming screenings in Vancouver, Dallas, Nashville, Tulsa and Tokyo biting at our heels. Phew.  Denver was …

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